The Daily Uplift: Shoot Better Photos 99.9% Of The Time

By James Stacey

Welcome to The Daily Uplift, a new side-project from HODINKEE. Given the current climate, we wanted to make sure that some positivity still made its way into your day. Moving forward, we’re going to offer a story or activity you can experience from home and a great album that is worth a closer listen. Pulled directly from the mindshare of the HODINKEE staff (a positive crew if I’ve ever seen one), it’s a token of our appreciation for you stopping by the site and a small investment in cultivating positive vibes among the greater community.

Today, we’re joined by the unofficial “Mr. Wolf” of HODINKEE (and widely-loved office DJ), Chelsea Beeler, as she offers up her choice of an album to kick off the new week.

Something to do…

Nikon School Free For April –

“How can I take better pictures of my watches?” is a common theme in my Instagram DMs. The absolute truth is that with a little knowledge and a lot of practice (don’t worry, it’s fun), you can learn to shoot just about anything – watches included. For those that want to nail the technical knowledge side of creating better photos, Nikon has made their entire Nikon School free for the month of April. In these streamable classes, you can learn everything from “The Fundamentals of Photography” (taught by Reed Hoffmann) to “Discovering Macro Photography” or even wider topics like “The Art of Making Music Videos” (if you make one, let me know). Classes range from around 15 minutes to over an hour, and many of the most important bits will apply to just about any camera with manual controls. Want to kick off your Instagram without the need to re-gram some lukewarm memes? This is a great place to start once you’ve dug that old DSLR out of your closet.

Something to listen to…

99.9% – Kaytranada

In the spirit of setting a good and productive tone for another week of quarantine, for today’s daily listen, I’m recommending Kaytranada’s 99.9%. Released in 2016, this album features expertly chopped samples, a lot of drums, and lyrical contributions from artists such as Anderson .Paak, Vic Mensa, and Little Dragon. As the de facto Office DJ at HODINKEE for the past two-ish years, I’ve found that my colleagues respond very positively to music that …read more      

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