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A PhotoShoot During the Singapore F1 2017 Race… A Different Pole Position

By raphael too I love dance and view it as an art and creative

Gear Review: Nikon D7500 Hands On At The Singapore Toy Game and Comic Convention 2017

By raphael too So of course there is excitement with the D850 announcement and

All of The Lights! Light painting Session

By raphael too #Model | @sarascarletmodel #Hair & #Makeup | @makeupbygeyestar Workshop organised by

fujifilm gfx50s hss – How to get high speed sync (HSS) at 1/4000 on your fuji gfx

By raphael too 1. buy cactus v6 II triggers2. upgrade the cactus firmware to

Astronauts’ Mission in Singapore & A 60th Anniversary bash!

By raphael too Before jumping into largely Omega provided text and pix I would

Fujifilm GFX50s watch macro trial & A Ricoh GR disaster!

By raphael too So the sad news first… my ricoh GR died the lens

A WhiteBox [ lightbox from lightbox.sg ] Review

By raphael too A Whitebox in A Whitebox First off, whitebox is a product

Fujifilm GFX50S Mirrorless Medium Format AAAARRRRRFGGGGHHHHH!!! New Toys In Da House

By raphael too my last post started with a picture of a box… and

What’s In the Box?

By raphael too Well no surprise… it’s a Seiko just going by the first