This Week In The Shop: Your Guide To The Best Deals Of Members Week

By Erin Wilborn

Your Weekly Shop Brief

This week, the fan-favorite Rainbow version of Mido’s Ocean Star Decompression Timer has made its grand return to the shop. Also, mark your calendar for a special announcement coming tomorrow – there may or may not be some news regarding a new limited edition from Hodinkee…

Your Guide To The Best Deals Of Members Week

Happy Member’s Week! You know the drill by now – this week is the time to celebrate our Hodinkee community, and a large part of that fanfare is offering some of our best deals and savings of the year. Today, I’m here to guide you through the aforementioned deals and savings. Feel free to imagine me with a comically large walking stick in hand, preparing to shepherd you through the terrain of our digital storefront, pointing to the most compelling sights along the way.

As always, make sure you have an active Hodinkee Community and the Hodinkee App account to get the most out of all things that this Members Week has to offer. Feel free to refer back to James Stacey’s article on Members Week scheduling as needed, too.

Price Drops On Pre-Owned Watches

Pre-Owned Rolex Day-Date

It feels fitting to start off with a bang, and if you’ve been ruminating on a pre-owned watch to add to your collection, the deep discounts (up to 30% off deep) running during Members Week might inspire you to finally pull the trigger. From the likes of Rolex and OMEGA to Cartier, AP, and beyond, these deals are sweeping, and will not stick around for very long.

To give you a sampling platter of some compelling pre-owned options with new marked-down prices, I will refer you first to my favorite, which just so happens to be this 18k yellow gold and black Rolex Day-Date President. For those interested in adding a Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch to their collection (in 18k Canopus Gold, no less), feel free to explore this classic-meets-luxury option here. For those lucky ones with deep pockets, please feel empowered to take a look at this yellow gold Royal Oak that haunts my dreams.

Special Swatch Deals

Swatch and Flik Flak Limited Edition

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