Introducing: The Richard Mille RM 65-01 Automatic Split-Seconds Chronograph In Yellow And Blue Quartz TPT

By Malaika Crawford

What We Know

Last week, Richard Mille added two new colors to the RM 65-01 lineup. First launched back in 2020, the RM 65-01 is made of 600 components total and is the most complicated automatic (non-LE) watch to be produced by the brand. The very saturated yolky shade of yellow will exist as a limited run of 120 watches, and the pastel blue will become a staple in the collection. Both are made of Quartz TPT or Thin Ply Technology (Quartz TPT was first developed for the RM 27-02 Nadal), which is a composite made of multiple layers of quartz fibers, which are generally used for very high-performance applications due to their resistance to high temperatures, their strength, and their transparency to electromagnetic waves.

RM 65-01

Richard Mille, with its focus on motorsports, has long focused on highly complex chronographs. Starting with the RM 004, a manually-wound, split-second powered by a Renaud & Papi caliber, these new RM 65-01s are the latest in the lineage. This high-beat, self-winding rattrapante chronograph features Caliber RMAC4, a high-frequency movement with variable inertia, oscillating at 36,000 vibrations per hour (vph)/5 Hz. The RMAC4 in the RM 65-01 is supplied by Vaucher and was originally based on the architecture and layout of the Parmigiani caliber PF361.

RM 65-01 movement

I’m not really one for frequency talk, but it’s pretty helpful to take a little frequency crash course (brush up on your knowledge here) in order to understand this model. Technically, a chronograph operating at 5 Hz is more functional than the more common 4 Hz alternative. A movement running at 5 Hz has a balance that is physically oscillating at 36,000 vph; on the dial side, this translates to the ability to measure elapsed time (the whole goal of a chronograph, after all – just ask Zenith) in one-tenth-of-a-second intervals, compared to one-eighth of a second with a chronograph running at 4 Hz.

RM 65-01 HD

Equipped with a vertical clutch and dual six-column wheels for a smooth pusher feel (hey, you get what you pay for), the chronograph is capable of timing events up to 12 hours. The total power reserve is 60 hours, while a variable-geometry rotor optimizes winding according to the wearer’s activity. …read more      

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