Hands-On: The Seiko Prospex SPB451 And SPB453

By James Stacey

Seiko makes a lot of dive watches – it’s largely what they are known for. However, despite a range of models representing multiple philosophies, aesthetic eras, and price points, some hit much harder than others. Among the heavy hitters, we have the recently announced Prospex SPB451 and SPB453 – two mass-appeal takes on the brand’s ’60-inspired line of tool dive watches. Representing the second generation of a very popular line of watches established by the SPB143, these new Prospex divers offer a slight rethinking in the hopes of delivering a more well-rounded solution for a daily wear dive watch.

seiko spb453

With the looming threat of the dreaded sophomore slump, it’s worth considering the recent roots of the SPB453 – don’t worry, I promise to be brief. This specific generation was announced in March of this year as a trio of references – the SPB453 (black), SPB451 (blue), and the limited edition SPB455 (black with gilt accents). All three represent a retooling of the so-called “20MAS,” which was the 2020 aesthetic re-edition of Seiko’s first dive watch, the 62MAS.

Though the 20MAS line would grow to include a wide variety of colorways for the design, the core of the range was the grey-dialed SPB143. I was, and remain, a huge fan of the SPB143, and I think it represents one of the best models Seiko has released in the past several years. I wrote a lot about it, and some of the context for this hands-on will build upon concepts established in my Week On The Wrist with the SPB143.

the seiko spb453 dive watch

For this new trio of 24MAS divers, Seiko largely stuck to the same playbook while taking the liberty to tweak a handful of elements core to the design. The changes to the new models include slightly smaller cases, a new date position, a new movement, and a redesigned bracelet.

Seiko now lists the case dimensions as 40mm wide, 13mm thick, and 46.6mm lug to lug. When I measured with my own calipers, I got 40.2 x 13.4 x 46.6mm. The lugs remained drilled (amazing) and fit the bracelet’s 20mm end links. The caseback remains a closed steel format, but thanks to a new …read more      

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