Hey, HODINKEE!: Why The Sun Set On Bumper Automatics, Where Tudor Might Go Next, And What It Might Be Like To Be The Big Cheese At A Big Brand


Hi everyone, and welcome to another episode of Hey, HODINKEE! where you ask, and we do our level best to answer. Your hosts, as usual, are HODINKEE Editor in Chief Jack Forster, with HODINKEE Deputy Editor Nora Taylor as the voice of the audience.

This week, we look at some of the more over-the-top moves we’ve seen this year from Tudor, and wonder what might be coming next. And, we wonder what it might be like to be president of a watch brand. Is being the boss at Rolex an endless cavalcade of high-stress, high-wire decisions, full of color and incident, or does the average day in the life of a brand boss maybe have a slightly more mellow vibe?

Moritz Grossmann Hamatic Dial

The Moritz Grossmann Hamatic, possibly the only current production example of a bumper automatic, as seen at HODINKEE in 2019.

Moritz Grossmann Hamatic movement

And, finally, a reader writes in to ask why the bumper automatic didn’t stick around longer. With all that old school charm, shouldn’t it still be a staple of modern luxury watchmaking?

We hope, as always, that you enjoy the show! If you’d like to see your questions featured in an upcoming episode, email us at hey@hodinkee.com.

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