HODINKEE Radio: Watches & Wonders 2021 First Look – Rolex & Tudor

By Stephen Pulvirent

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Rolex and Tudor are basically the only watch brands left that don’t share information with press ahead of time and successfully prevent major releases from leaking well in advance of launch. That means that even those of us at HODINKEE HQ get to be surprised and excited on days like today, when both watchmakers dropped their 2021 collections as a part of Watches & Wonders. And boy were we surprised. After loads of chatter and speculation online, both brands stayed true to their respective identities, giving us watches that feel both familiar and foreign at the same time.

So for the first of our daily Watches & Wonders First Look podcasts, I got Ben and Jack into the virtual studio to hash out all the new releases from both Rolex and Tudor. We get into what we think about each of the big drops (like this and this), what we’ve learned about Rolex and Tudor as a result of today’s news, and what surprised us each the most. Did anyone have money on a two-tone Explorer I (and a 36mm version, no less)? Absolutely not. Who was betting on Tudor dropping a pair of precious metal dive watches with sapphire casebacks? Anyone?

We hope you enjoy this special episode of HODINKEE Radio. Stay tuned for a ton more live coverage this week and follow along with all the latest releases and analysis right here.

Show Notes

(2:30) Introducing: The New Rolex Explorer II Ref. 226570

(9:00) Introducing: Two New 36mm Rolex Explorers (And One Is Two-Tone!)

(10:00) Hands-On: The Rolex Sea-Dweller In Two-Tone ‘Rolesor’ Steel And Yellow Gold Ref. 126603

(16:30) Introducing: The Rolex Daytona With Meteorite Dial In White Gold, Yellow Gold, And Everose Gold

(17:00) All Daytona Models

(19:45) Introducing: The Rolex Datejust 36, With Some Wavy New Dials

(20:00) Introducing: The Rolex Oyster Perpetual 36 With New Colorful Dials

(24:30) Introducing: The …read more      

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