Weekend Round-Up: Snowy Scenes, Ring Lights, And London Dreams


Each week, our editors gather their favorite finds from around the internet and recommend them to you right here. These are not articles about watches, but rather outstanding examples of journalism and storytelling covering topics from fashion and art to technology and travel. So go ahead, pour yourself a cup of coffee, put your feet up, and settle in.


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Deep Frozen Arctic Microbes Are Waking Up – Scientific American

Unlike your refrigerator, the world has more than one freezer, and up north, you have something called permafrost, which is, as they say, just what it says on the tin. Permafrost is a layer of soil which remains frozen from one season to the next, and for even longer – the oldest permafrost can be tens of thousands of years old. Like your freezer, permafrost can hold things in a kind of suspended animation. Not everything in the permafrost layer is good for thousands of years – freezer burn is a thing, after all – but things like bacterial spores and viruses can sometimes awaken, zombie-like, after millennia, and trouble the living (the thawing of permafrost led to an anthrax outbreak in Siberia in 2018). Scientific American talks about the long, cold quiet of permafrost which holds so many entities which appear to consigned to oblivion – and which makes us aware of the surprising dangers which may arise when warming permafrost releases what lies beneath.

– Jack Forster, Editor-in-Chief


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To Survive The Pandemic, Savile Row Cuts A Bespoke Strategy – The New York Times

I’m not going to lie – I welled up with a sense of pride when I saw this headline sitting on the front page of The New York Times‘ website earlier this week. I got my start in journalism writing about Savile Row as a 20-year-old study abroad student in London, and the Row is about as special a place as any on planet Earth for me. To see these incredible craftspeople and their struggles, ingenuity, and dedication celebrated like this makes me very proud to call many of them friends, and it has me jonesing for a trip to London worse than I can say.

– Stephen Pulvirent, Manger of Editorial Products


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Fargo: Cold-Blooded Scheming – American Cinematographer

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