In The Shop – In The Shop: The G-SHOCK G-LIDE GBX100 Collection

By Logan Baker

Dive watches have long reigned supreme on the wrists of watch enthusiasts during the summer months, and we’re no strangers to encouraging exactly that in the HODINKEE Shop. But sometimes, a new watch comes around that makes you question everything you thought you knew – and this year, the G-SHOCK G-LIDE GBX100 has caught our eye. Designed for surfers, the GBX100 series features a number of dedicated water-sport attributes like tide graphs, Moon data, and sunshine hours, in addition to an impressive suite of aesthetic and technical specifications. In fact, this might be one of the most complete and compelling G-SHOCK releases in recent memory. And with a price tag set firmly at $160, there’s no doubting that G-SHOCK has another hit on its hands.

G-SHOCK watches have long been favored by surfers around the world for their durability, so it only makes sense for the brand to develop a watch that addresses the sport’s specific needs. G-SHOCK clearly did its homework on what complications might come in handy for riding the waves, but the GBX100 models will also appeal to anyone on the lookout for a quality sport watch. For starters, the watches share a number of details with G-SHOCK’s recently unveiled Move GBD100 series. That includes a memory-in-pixel (MIP) LCD display; continuous smartphone connectivity through Bluetooth, which allows the watch to offer vibration alerts and notifications for incoming calls, emails, messages, and reminders; and a training mode, with a three-axis accelerometer for measuring distance, speed, pace, calories burned, and steps. Other than the tide information included on the GBX100, the biggest difference between the two collections is the case design. The GBD100 line has a circular, all-resin case profile that accentuates its wrist presence, while the new GBX100 models share the rounded-octagonal form made famous by the original “square” G-SHOCK DW5000C from 1983. The GBX100 line is a slight physical evolution from the classic “square” in terms of size and material use, but for all intents and purposes, the new watches wear and feel like souped-up versions of the G-SHOCKs you know and love.

One of the most noticeable updates involves the bezel, which utilizes a double-layer construction of resin and forged stainless steel, a brand-new G-SHOCK design with a striking hairline finish. G-SHOCK says the use of steel allows for greater impact protection against …read more      

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