Bring a Loupe: An Attractive Omega Chronostop, A Fascinating Heuer Runner, And An Extraordinary IWC Da Vinci

By Isaac Wingold

It’s Friday once again, which means it’s time to get down and dirty with a host of interesting finds on the market this week. With the inclusion of a perpetual calendar chronograph from IWC and an Omega Chronostop, you’re bound to get your fix, but unlike other weeks, we’re putting the spotlight on some horological treasures that aren’t intended for the wrist. Is it more difficult to justify the purchase of a Heuer running timer, or a Jaeger-LeCoultre globe, or even a Rolex wall clock? Maybe, but there’s no denying their appeal, and the want this week is strong.

IWC Da Vinci Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar Chronograph


If you genuinely consider the relationships you’ve developed with certain brands, and the potential reasoning behind them, you’re bound to learn not only what you look for in a watch, but also who you are as a collector. In my eyes, those who focus their efforts on IWC have always stood out as interesting characters, and if you didn’t already consider yourself one, this first piece might just push you over the edge. With a hefty helping of horological significance, and a design aging not unlike a fine wine, there’s a lot to love here.


As the added line of text near the four o’clock position would indicate, this is no “ordinary” Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar Chronograph. That’s right: This little number has a tourbillon at its heart, but it is still wound and set using one single crown in accordance with the original and masterful Kurt Klaus design. Only 200 examples of this grand complication were ever produced, and in comparison to other similarly equipped pieces of the same era, the IWC trades for significantly less, making it quite the bargain of haute horology. It’s also incredibly wearable at 39mm across, much like other IWCs of the same vintage.


Just to be very clear, I’m aware of just how much $26,000 is and the immense privilege that goes along with being able to throw that sort of cash around at will, but this is most definitely a “deal” for the experienced watch collector. Are we talking about a contemporarily styled piece that’s on everyone’s hit list? No, though we’re definitely not talking about a fad-derived novelty that’s lost its luster, and instead, a classically styled work of ultra-complicated art. As you …read more      

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