Introducing: The Yema Superman 63

By Cole Pennington

Quick Take

The “Superman” nomenclature might call to mind mid-century children’s comics at first, but consider this: Yema watches were the first French timepieces to reach depths of over 300 meters, the first French watch to go to space, and the first French watch to reach the north pole on an unsupported mission, according to Yema.

Put into context of the company’s history, the Superman label is particularly apt. The name first appeared in 1963, and Yema has been releasing modern interpretations of the historic Superman models for the last few years. This iteration leans into the imaginative design from the early ’60s with futuristic typeface present at the 12, 9, and 6 markers. The aesthetic traces its roots back to the earliest Superman watches.


The Swiss have dominated the modern narrative about historical watches from the early days of SCUBA diving. French watch manufacturers of the time haven’t gotten the same exposure despite close associations with the explosion of SCUBA. Jacques Cousteau, the father of the field, was a Frenchman, after all. But the modern Yema line has found a niche within the enthusiast community, and with a focus on keeping as much of the operation as “French” as possible and making models in a range of sizes, Yema is steadily picking up steam.

Initial Thoughts

The original Superman model of 1963 was water resistant to 300m, and that specification is carried into the present day watch. Additionally, sapphire is used on the bezel to impart the same sort of sheen that bakelite lent to dive watches from the ’60s. The signature bezel-locking system hasn’t been left behind either. In the physical and spiritual sense, there’s plenty of kinship between the modern re-edition and its mid-century predecessor. Yema has avoided falling into the trap of grasping for random iconic bits from its past and slapping it on an unrelated watch. According to Yema, design, prototyping, and assembly all take place at their workshop in Morteau, France. In an age when it’s easy to feign a strong connection to the past by simply purchasing intellectual property and branding rights from the past, Yema stands out for placing authenticity first.

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