Best of Watchville: A Collected Man Showcases Five Watchmakers’ Favorite Movements

By Danny Milton

Even the top watchmakers in the world have to start somewhere. Often working as watchmaking apprentices, they begin their careers working with, or getting the chance to experience, a wide variety of movements from the most basic to the most intricate. When I checked out the Watchville feed and saw that A Collected Man had assembled a group of five of the best-known living watchmakers today to choose their favorite watch movement, I knew I had to check it out.

Valjoux Calibre 5 moment (image from linked article).

The watchmakers featured in the article include Bart Grönefeld, Stephen Forsey, and Roger Smith – who shares a very unique story involving George Daniels and the testing of the Co-Axial Escapement on a Rolex caliber 3035. The movements chosen range from a Valjoux Calibre 5 to a 200-year-old Breguet pocket watch regulator tourbillon, with a variety of great selections in between. I have to say, it was a joy to read these masters of their craft reminiscing on old times and picking out a single movement that they consider to be their very favorite.

Breguet N. 1176 (image from linked article).

For more, head over to A Collected Man and check out the article.

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Images from linked article.

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