Retailer Spotlight: Fourtané Estate Jewelers in Carmel, CA and Manfredi Jewels in Greenwich, CT

By Cole Pennington

Earlier this week, Ben put out a note to the watch community. It outlined a number of objectives and initiatives that HODINKEE is undertaking to do our part in helping the community through this tough time. Part of this is spotlighting retailers, who are essentially the touchpoint between us and our favorite brands. Historically, they’ve been the backbone of the watch world. Your grandfather bought his first nice watch at a retailer, and you may have even stopped into one to ogle your grail watch just the other week before things got weird.

The reality is that retailers are struggling – our entire industry is. Our entire economy is. And one way to help keep things afloat is to support your local retailer. Like many small businesses, they’re a part of the community that you live in. They could use the help.

We want to give them a voice here at HODINKEE, and below you’ll be able to hear directly from two retailers that have demonstrated a continued commitment to serving the community, each on a different coast. We’ll be highlighting retailers from all corners of the country, and even a few from other corners of the globe throughout the coming weeks. We often turn to the AD down the street, but this allows our readership to discover retailers that they may not have heard of before. Getting a stainless steel sports watch in an urban metropolis means fierce competition – but there are plenty of retailers on this great swath of land connecting two of the world’s oceans. And even more beyond that. This is where you can learn about them. Every Tuesday and Thursday, we’ll feature two retailers worth checking out.

Fourtané Jewelers and Fourtané Rolex Boutique

Everyone has a creation story. What’s yours?

John and Sandy Bonifas were born and raised in Monroe, Michigan and were high school sweethearts. In 1965, John got his first job working at a jewelry store. His duties included emptying the ashtrays on the showcase counters and sweeping the floor. He was 16 years old.

Over time, he learned to resize bracelets, then rings, and he was promoted to sales associate. After getting married and finishing college, John and Sandy opened small jewelry shops in Monroe, Toledo, St. Louis, Denver and La Jolla. Then, in 1987, when Clint …read more      

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