In The Shop – In The Shop: A Collection Of Highly Versatile OMEGA Seamasters

By Logan Baker

The OMEGA Seamaster collection has one of the most varied aesthetic and technical backgrounds of any modern watch. The history of the line itself is rich, dating back to 1948, and its modern interpretations – spread out through the sporty Seamaster 300M, the vintage-inspired Seamaster 300, and the versatile Aqua Terra, among others – has more combined references and variants than perhaps any other watch collection today, from any brand.

The Seamaster Diver 300M is an all-occasions type of watch that can join you during any part of your daily routine.

We’ve tapped into that expansive line-up to showcase a total of eight Seamaster watches today, five of which are Seamaster 300Ms and three of which are Aqua Terras, and all available now in the HODINKEE Shop. Each represents a different aspect of OMEGA’s collective watchmaking philosophy, but they also retain an adaptability that fills the entire Seamaster line with potential daily wearers. You could consider it the ultimate multi-hyphenate in the watch world: stylish-sporty-attractive-accessible, all in a single line of timepieces.

Surprisingly small details, like the use of a Sedna gold bezel here, can cause a dramatic shift in the design of a Seamaster 300M.

The OMEGA Seamaster Diver 300M Co-Axial Master Chronometer

After redesigning the entire Seamaster 300M line in 2018, OMEGA is now able to offer an entry point into the collection at $4,900. This price represents one of the best value propositions in the entire contemporary Swiss watch industry. And that’s not a typo – you won’t find a better blend of specs, style, and sportiness elsewhere for under $5,000. But the Seamaster 300M is also able to transition its naturally appealing design into defined luxury territory through a compelling use of unique materials and an aesthetic variety that is unavailable elsewhere. Out of the five new Seamaster 300M watches we’re adding to the Shop today, two stand out in particular for those exact reasons.

Bigger and bolder than any other current Seamaster 300M, this black ceramic design is the perfect subtle flex.

The OMEGA Seamaster Diver 300M Black Ceramic was an unexpected release that was first announced in January of 2019. Although the overall design tenets of the revived 300M were all present in this new watch, the execution was completely different. Instead of using stainless steel, this Seamaster 300M featured a …read more      

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