HODINKEE Radio: Episode 56: Watch Collection Fantasy Draft 2019

By Stephen Pulvirent

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While it’s not quite sweater weather yet here in New York City, that other classic American fall tradition is most definitely upon us: football season! With that comes fantasy football, and a few days before our office league draft, a few of us got talking and came up with the out-of-left-field idea to do a fantasy watch collection draft right here on HODINKEE Radio to celebrate.

For those of you not familiar with fantasy football, the idea is pretty simple: You pick players from different teams to assemble your fantasy team. Then, when those individual players do good things, you get points. For our fantasy watch collection draft, scoring works a bit differently (more on that below), but the basic concept is the same. Four people each assemble their ideal collection of six watches by drafting them from an infinite pool of watches. The catch? Once a given model is taken, nobody else can pick that model. Someone picks a Submariner, that’s it for the Submariner. Somebody picks a Royal Oak, same thing. Now, as you’ll hear in the episode, there were some different understandings of what “fantasy” means here and some collections are a bit more fantastic than others. The result is a fun episode with some healthy competition thrown in there too. I sense we might have an annual tradition on our hands here …

The Collections

To give our fantasy watch collections some structure we took a page from the fantasy football playbook and came up with six “positions” that each of us had to fill. These are Modern Sport Watch, Modern Dress Watch, Vintage Sport Watch, Vintage Dress Watch, High Complication, and Flex. In each collection below, they’re listed in that order, though each person could draft in whatever order he or she saw fit.

Without further ado, here are the four collections we came up with:


  • Modern Sport Watch: Rolex Submariner ref. 116618 in yellow gold with black dial
  • Modern Dress Watch: Philippe Dufour’s Simplicity No. 00 (white gold in 34mm with guilloché dial)
  • Vintage Sport Watch: Omega Speedmaster <a class="colorbox" href="https://airandspace.si.edu/collection-objects/chronograph-armstrong-apollo-11" …read more      

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