H10: My Favorite HODINKEE Story: Jack Forster

By Jack Forster

Editor’s Note: The HODINKEE 10th Anniversary Weekend, or H10 as we’re calling it here at HQ, is now just a few days away. We thought it would be fun leading up to the big weekend to ask our editors and writers to each pick one of their favorite stories from the first decade of HODINKEE to share again with you all. It could be a story with personal significance, a story that changed their relationship to watches, or just one that they really want everyone to check out again. Each day until December 7 we’ll be publishing a different person’s selection. Enjoy.

The first time I can remember meeting HODINKEE founder Ben Clymer was in the mid-2000s, just on the heels of the global financial crisis. HODINKEE was the new kid on the block, as was its founder; I was working for Revolution as the U.S. editor-in-chief, but there were already signs that the face of watch journalism was changing irrevocably. It seems funny now to look back at just how much the watch industry, as well as the watch media world, was still convinced that blogs, and bloggers, were in general uninformed amateurs with no real understanding of watches or watchmaking. Seven years later, however, when I joined HODINKEE, it was clear that no medium had more power to rapidly shape opinions in the horological world than the Internet and that among the watch websites out there, HODINKEE had achieved a unique combination of accessibility to a wider audience and the capability to present in-depth information of real consequence to enthusiasts and collectors.

Joe Thompson (R) in 1973.

When I started at HODINKEE as managing editor in June 2015, there were a total of five employees and the office was a third smaller; to say that the last three and a half years have been a wild ride is to say nothing at all. It’s been an education on just about every level imaginable – I can’t recommend highly enough the experience of working with a rapidly growing group of people who know quite a bit more than you do. The HODINKEE engineering, e-commerce, customer service, design, business development, and, of course, our editorial team including the extremely indefatigable Team Video, have all been and continue to be an incredible source of innovation, new experiences, and new knowledge (and everyone has been very patient with my …read more      

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