Just Because: Seven Instagram Accounts Every Watch Nerd Should Follow

By Jon Bues

Everybody and their brother seems to be grammin’ these days, and for those of us who care about watches, it can be hard to keep up with all of the best watch content available. We’re assuming, of course, that you already follow HODINKEE, the HODINKEE Shop, and the HODINKEE Magazine (and our editors), but if that’s not enough watch content to keep you scrolling, liking, and commenting, then check out these other accounts, all of which are pretty popular around the HODINKEE office. I’ve done my best to pick profiles that bring something special to the table, whether it’s a focus on a particular type of watch, insight into a special era, or a particularly polished approach to watch photography.

George Cramer – @george.cramer

For Cartier lovers.

When I recently discovered George Cramer’s feed, I found myself scrolling through image after image of some of the most photogenic Cartier watches that one is likely encounter on the ‘gram. Cramer keeps his phone camera tightly fixed on this maker’s classic designs and dress watches, though occasionally other interesting watches also make their way into Cramer’s feed.

Follow @george.cramer

Geoff Hess – @manhattanrollie

For vintage Rolex fans.

This is the Instagram of Geoff Hess, a New York-based watch collector and all around good guy. I have a feeling that several readers out there probably already follow Geoff in Instagram, but if you aren’t getting this regular dose of jaw-dropping vintage Rolex eye-candy, then now is the time to add it to your feed.

Follow @manhattanrollie

Atom Moore – @atommoore

For fans of great photography.

Atom Moore is one of the premier watch photographers around. He has contributed to many trade publications, while also exploring the artistic side of shooting watches, holding exhibitions in New York City and at the National Watch and Clock Museum. His work has also been displayed internationally in Hong Kong. Atom is always updating his feed with lots of great new watch content. Be sure to check it out.

Follow @atommoore


For a nostalgic sense of humor.

Watches needn’t always be dealt with in an overly reverential or pedantic way. Check out <a class="colorbox" href="https://www.instagram.com/vintagecharactertime/" rel="noopener" …read more      

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