Recommended Reading: Why It’s Easier To Buy A Good Watch Now Than Ever Before

By Stephen Pulvirent

It’s no secret that the watch market is evolving, and in lots of different directions at once. There are high-end Swiss watchmakers dipping their toes into online sales, retailers experimenting with new store concepts, and upstarts trying to figure out how to get younger buyers interested in devices with hands and dials. In light of this, our friends over at GQ have penned a fascinating look at why, in their opinion, “good watches are cheaper than ever.” The survey examines a number of different makers, specifically in the direct-to-consumer space, trying to understand how they do what they do and why we’re seeing this explosion in new watch brands right now.

While a lot of the watch brands discussed in this story aren’t those that our readers are probably most excited about (they’re primarily making quartz watches meant to appeal to the fashion set), there are still lessons to be learned. Start-up brand MVMT’s founders are quoted in the article, saying that they want to get people thinking about watches as part of their daily dressing, even if it means forgoing the high-end mechanical movements that make more traditional watches appealing. They think of themselves more like Nike than Rolex. And, if you think you can dismiss this as silly, let’s remember that Movado Group just paid a nine-figure sum to acquire MVMT on the merits of its customer base and strategy– we’re not talking about small outfits and chump change here.

Check out the full story from GQ right here.

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