Introducing: The MB&F & L’Epée 1839 Grant

By James Stacey

Quick Take

Essentially MB&F’s take on a Newton’s cradle or one of those head-bobbing drinking birds, the brand’s latest collaboration with L’Epée 1839 is a cross between a tank and a transformer. Dubbed Grant, with three functional, tank-style treads and a large clock face forming a shield on its back, this desk-borne automaton can sit upright, crouch, or lay flat, allowing a specific orientation of not only the actual clock display (again, on Grant’s shield), but also the domed cover that allows a view of the manufacture movement’s balance and many other elements of the overall timekeeping mechanism, which is comprised of some 268 components.

The Grant’s three positions allow for an optimal view of the time display on its shield.

Initial Thoughts

A war machine meant to perhaps relieve (read: distract) you from the white noise of excel spreadsheets and brain-dead colleagues who actively read every line of text in their Powerpoint deck, the Grant is yet another entirely charming and wonderfully dreamlike creation from MB&F and L’Epée 1839. Experiencing one of these creations in person is like being given a small slice of your childhood back – this goes to much of what is on offer in any M.A.D Gallery – a brief hit of a world now mostly dim, where Santa Clause still reigned over Christmas, Spaceman Spiff was your main role model, and your metabolism ran like a top on little more than Fruit Loops and gummy candies. Straight up, if you look at these images and feel nothing, I have but one query: who hurt you?

Slight hyperbole aside, from Melchior to Sherman to the Starfleet Machine, these collaborative pieces between MB&F and L’Epée 1839 are pure fun and dodge much of the stodgy pretense common to horology at this level. While I know a clock with this price tag is a luxury good of questionable need, that doesn’t automatically discount its nature as an object of curiosity, levity, and creative merit. I will never need a car with a 715 hp V12, but not vastly unlike art, it’s about how it makes me feel. If you’re in the market for something like the Grant, this is a product that elicits a specific emotional reaction. It has a classic futurist charm which, like all of the L’Epée 1839 creations, pairs remarkably well …read more      

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