Fujifilm GFX50S Dynamic Range ~ Details and Recovery for under and over shots

By raphael too

So this is not a technical site. For that you can check dxomark and such. But noting results the medium format sensor used in the Hasselblad X1D, Pentax 645z and the GFX is a very good sensor for recovering details in shadows and highlights. Overblown highlights being the tougher of the 2.

It is advisable therefore to shoot to the left. It is geek speak for shoot underexposed a little, to the left just means the histogram peak(s) are on the left side of the histogram graph instead of the right side which means more overexposed with possibility of blown highlights if it’s very much to the right at high peaks. You can see this in the top right side of the Lightroom screen grabs below for the blown and severely underexposed picture.

So this was shooting in a studio and the flash didn’t fire so I got a shot that was almost all black in RAW. too toooo much to the left

but this is no ordinary RAW… this is a (crop) medium format sensor :) though not a full sized proper medium format sensor this sensor is significantly bigger when compared to 35mm and captures more info and produces better Image Quality (IQ)… and so it can recover the below from close to black pic.

and with a few more tweaks…

and zooming in for detail which the gfx50s has a LOT of… not too bad i must say

so i swopped lens and was going from a slower aperture to a faster aperture and a few stops more light causes this. again look at the histogram at the right end of the graph


and recovered ot to this… not the best pic but it is definitely usable if I wanted to use it. nose may be a little too hot though

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