First Take: The Rolex GMT-Master II In Stainless Steel (VIDEO)

By Cara Barrett

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Rolex’s new releases are always some of the most highly anticipated of the year. People (myself included) spend all year wondering, “What will they do this year?” My first Basel, it was the Daytona with Cerachrome bezel, last year it was the Sea-Dweller, and this year it is the GMT-Master II. The GMT–Master II has a rich history dating all the way back to 1954, with the reference 6542, shortly followed up by the legendary 1675. There have been quite a few GMT references since then, and the last two were both major wins for Rolex. There was first the “Batman” released in 2013, followed up by the white gold GMT with Pepsi bezel in 2015. This year we have the GMT-Master II 126710 BLRO, a stainless steel travel-time watch with a blue and red Cerachrome bezel, a brand spanking new Jubilee bracelet (exclusive to this GMT), and a new caliber inside too. Here’s why this watch is such a winner and one that will truly satisfy those who have been craving a steel GMT.

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