Bréguet Classique 7147 Hands-On

By Jason Pitsch

Long renowned for producing luxurious, elegant, and highly complicated timepieces, particularly tourbillons, which the eponymous company founder, Abraham-Louis Breguet, invented – the manufacture Breguet is also very capable of producing uncomplicated masterpieces. Introducing the Bréguet Classique 7147, a simplistic, time-only, wristwatch, with a “Grand Feu” enamel dial that is essentially a complication in itself. Moreover, this enamel dial is especially unique because it has an offset “dimple” that delineates the small seconds from the main display, without any marking on the dial, whatsoever. In regards to producing the “Grand Feu” dial, here is what the Breguet says about the process,…

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