Recommended Reading: The New Podcast From ‘Serial’ And ‘This American Life’ Is About An Antique Clock Restorer (And A Murder)

By Stephen Pulvirent

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Today’s a big day for podcast fans everywhere. Hit podcast Serial and public radio stalwart This American Life have teamed up to create S-Town, a brand new show about a man named John living in a small Alabama town. Sure, the murder mystery is the main hook, but John is also an antique clock restorer and the opening sequence of Chapter 1 is a description of how to fix an old clock. Judging by the show’s graphics, there’s going to be a lot more where that comes from too.

“When an antique clock breaks, a clock that has been telling time for 200 or 300 years, fixing it can be a real puzzle,” starts host and executive producer Brian Reed. “I’m told fixing an old clock can be maddening. You’re constantly wondering if you’ve just spent hours going down a path that will likely take you nowhere, and all you’ve got are these vague witness marks, which might not even mean what you think they mean. So at every moment along the way, you have to decide if you’re wasting your time or not.”

s-town brian reed

The connection between solving a murder and fixing an old clock is clear as day, and we’re curious to see how this continues to develop and how John’s career as an antiquarian horologist factors into the story. No matter what, we’re clearly in for some great storytelling here.

To listen to the entire series, either visit S-Town online or download S-Town to the podcast player of your choice. All seven chapters are available now.

Illustration (top): Valero Doval

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