Announcement: Stephen Pulvirent Rejoins HODINKEE As Managing Editor

By Benjamin Clymer

This is an announcement I am incredibly humbled and proud to make. As of this morning, Mr. Stephen J. Pulvirent returns to HODINKEE. He returns with two years of experience in one of the world’s leading business news organizations, Bloomberg, where he served as associate editor and a regular television guest. More recently, he served as executive digital editor of Surface magazine, one of the most important design titles in the United States. Why I am so excited to welcome Stephen back to HODINKEE? Stephen was this company’s very first employee, and it was with his help that the passion project I began from a cubicle at UBS and built in the cafe of the Columbia School of Journalism became a business. More than that, HODINKEE became what it is today.

It was during Stephen’s time that we launched our first collaborations with Drake’s of London. It was during Stephen’s time at HODINKEE that we shot our first episodes of Three on Three, Reference Points, and, yes, Talking Watches. It was during Stephen’s time that HODINKEE was named one of Time Magazine’s 50 Best Websites, and the New York Times called me the High Priest of Horology. So when Stephen left HODINKEE for Bloomberg in the summer of 2014, we were sad to see him go, but we respected his decision and always remained friendly.

While Stephen was honing his skills at Bloomberg and Surface, we continued to push forward too. We launched several new product lines, re-launched the HODINKEE Shop, hired a handful of top-tier journalists (Cara, Jack, and Arthur, for example), and, of course, last spring we merged with Kevin Rose’s North Technologies, the developers of Watchville. Today, both HODINKEE and Stephen, two years the wiser, join forces once again.

Stephen will assume the role of Managing Editor, overseeing daily editorial flow. He will also be our Director of Operations, as someone who is intimately familiar with the core principles of who we are as a business. He will work to make the conversation between our technology team (yes, we have one, and it’s amazing) and the editorial team ever more fluid. And on the topic of editorial, expect to see some of that old school ‘Dink magic.

The inimitable Mr. Forster? He’s not going anywhere, and will assume the role of Editor-in-Chief, focusing more on strategic initiatives for …read more      

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