4th Dimension High Tension Concrete Dial Watches by 22 Design Studio

By noreply@blogger.com (Mitch Greenblatt)


The 4th Dimension Watch

Featuring a Staircase of High Tension Concrete

From the delicate sculpting of the concrete watch face to the hand-shaped brass hands, from the brass crown to the leather strap, every detail of our wristwatch has been designed to show the beauty of the raw material. This unique timepiece’s leather and brass becomes richer and darker the more the watch is worn.
Staircase style concrete dial close-up
Concrete begins as a liquid mixture of different elements, but once it sets, it becomes as solid as stone. The simple geometric shapes of the design emphasize concrete’s strength. With concrete’s nature in mind, anticipating light chipping and evolving color as design elements that beautifully show the effects of time.
detail hands
Close-up of the custom hand shaped hands

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