Sony A7S Not A Review & Just My Take on It vs Leica M

By raphael too

The Camera That Is Juuussst Right (For Me) uhm it’s not the one on the left but the one on the right 😉 my Sony A7S staring down the Leica MP240 with the Noctilux f0.95!

A Hobbyist / Photography enthusiast’s take on the Sony A7S

So this is not a review but some of the good reviews on it with information on using the A7S with M Mount glass which was relevant for me are here:
– Steve Huff LINK (covers a lot of low light high iso use) LINK
– Ashwin Rao LINK & LINK
– Rangefinder Chronicles LINK LINK (has a lot of wide angle lens use which is great as previously the A7 and A7R still had issues of magenta corners and heavy vignetting for the wide lenses) LINK LINK (use with voigtlander 15mm)
– and if u want to use it for astrophotography LINK Youtube
– super cool video by philip bloom with the A7S showing how it turns night to day LINK
– a very helpful lens review on the A7s by Ron Scheffler LINK and essential for folks buying m mount glass for the A7S

Note to self: Raph, u do not need to buy any other digital body for now (until the next latest and greatest M from Leica and Sony A7R Mkiii or A7S MkIII rear their beautiful heads in 2016 😉 every time severe G.A.S. (gear acquisition syndrome) attacks happen.

& compiling some useful links and notes on what to and not to do with this camera. I do hope this writeup is of help too to other folks with the same kind of requirements thinking of jumping on the Sony ILC Mirrorless bandwagon or as notes/pointers to consider for those with M mount glass shopping for a digital body.

End of day amateur/hobbyist photographers don’t really want to be carrying more than 1 mid-large digital camera setup out so what you decide to buy and take out with u matters. eg. if I bring a Nikon DSLR or a Leica M9/M240 variant out, I won’t bring the Sony and I won’t be able to make the shots I would want to with was in my hands.

Why I got the A7S?

I got into film (link) and when shooting …read more      

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