Introducing: The Official HODINKEE Mobile App, Now Available For iOS

By Kevin Rose

Since joining HODINKEE a few months ago, I can say one thing with total certainty: we’re all a bunch of geeks. Ben, Jack, Cara, and Nick are true watch geeks, and I love them for it. Will is a video geek, and myself and our team of engineers are total tech geeks. It’s why we all work so well together – and today you’ll see the first product of our collaboration – the HODINKEE Mobile App, for iOS.

Why an app, why now? Well, we know based on our own experience and on our analytics that there is a 50% chance that you’re reading this very article on your phone or tablet. The mobile web is great, but it can be slow and clunky, making it hard to find what you’re looking for. That’s no fun. So with the HODINKEE app, we’ve created a beautiful, fast, intuitive experience to allow you to go deeper into our seven years of content, easier. This is what you’ll be able to do:

– Browse and filter content by column type, brand, or search in a fast, dynamic way
– Browse all our amazing original videos and view them in app (instead of being pushed to YouTube)
– Pinch and zoom images to see all the little details (and save, and share them too!)
– Bookmark articles for later viewing
– Shop the HODINKEE store and check out with Apple Pay (just by using your thumb!)

We’ve been working around the clock on this app for months, and it’s full of little things that we think make it exceptionally user-friendly. Things like being able to pinch and zoom on photos, and then saving or sharing them via social is something we think you’ll really enjoy. The fact that you can save articles to read later will be great when you see a breaking news alert but don’t have time to read it at the moment. Being able to see our most popular columns – whether it’s “Hands-On” or “Bring A Loupe” or “Talking Watches” – is easier than ever. Same thing goes for browsing by brands – and each brand has its own history and timeline page so novices can learn a little bit more about each great manufacture.

We are very proud of this app, and we hope it becomes as popular as itself. This has been a long time coming, and …read more      

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