Don’t Panic at The Panic Room Singapore … Pics & My Take of The Geylang Handsome Makers

By raphael too


so how i came to know about the panic room in the later part of last year was i had decided to grow a beard and was looking for beard products and not many places in Singapore carry that. i mean many places have stuff for you to shave it off but few have stuff to help it along its way as it grows… so i thought i’d give the barbers there a go as well and i found the panic room to have a very strong crew of capable barbers(or as they would like to be known ~ handsome makers) and i know this coz i’ve tried more than 62% of ’em and… behold, it was very good.
as u nestle in the comfort of the barber chair, there’s a certain chaos in the space around you but then you see the orderliness come in, as they compose and comb your hair with a pomade of your choice to a swee swee finish.. yin and yang.. and that is good reason to keep coming back again and again and again.

and uhm I can pickup some film here too it seems :)

‘is there a time for kohl and lipstick… a time for cutting hair?’ yes there is :)

‘O true apothecary,. Thy drugs are quick’ [a quote just to note the efficacy of the products 😉 ]
‘questions of science; science and progressdoes ultraman use reuzel? hmmm

‘shave me…. shave me my friend. fade me… fade me again. i’m not the only one ahh i’m not the only one’
my words to a classic tune that seems to be easily switchable to all kinds of stuff in my life :)


the pics in this post show a lot of the reasons why i like the place… [the sounds there are great too] it has lots of interesting things to check out & buy. a eclectic range of male grooming products, from a broad range of pomades(many of them with great designs not that it maketh the pomade better in your hair mind u but nice to look at is nothing bad 😉 , to combs, razors, brushes… the walls are lined with interesting pictures/posters/graphics and vinyl records and a player can be found about the place too. the ol barber chairs and the many little things around …read more      

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