Introducing: The Ressence Type 1 V Genesis, An “Unfinished” Watch Celebrating Five Years Of #NoHands

By Christa Chance

Ressence, the horological startup, has released a limited edition run of their Type 1 timepiece to commemorate their fifth anniversary. The Type 1 V Genesis will be released in a run of only five pieces. Each watch will contain parts taken directly off the production line, presenting a design philosophy that promises a clear graphic aesthetic for the 21st Century.

Since their debut five years ago, Ressence offers an unusual spin on timepieces. Their timepieces have no hands, just a dial with three discs that rotate to indicate the passage of time–thanks to its patented 107-part Ressence Orbital Convex System (ROCS1). I’ve always thought this was an interesting concept, marrying the design innovations that brought us smart watches with traditional horology. Several years later and I think Ressence watches have only gotten better and better, attracting fans like Tony Fadell, who sat down with our own Ben Clymer in May.

Ressence first introduced the Type 1, based on the prototype that inaugurated the startup, last year at Basel. Eschewing the crown, winding is done by twisting the bottom plate of the case. The rotating discs in the dial are still there, for second, minute, hour and day functions, indicated not with traditional hands but with hands painted on the dial. This year at Basel, Ressence introduced three new configurations of the Type 1: 1RG in rose gold, 1S in silver, and 1N in blue, to join the existing versions in black and white, champagne, ruthenium, and guilloché. New quality control measures were put in place to ensure the integrity of the product before shipment.

Now, to commemorate five years in the industry, Ressence is releasing a new version of the Type 1: the Type 1 V Genesis, in a limited run of only five pieces. In homage to the prototype that started the brand, the Type 1 V Genesis is assembled with parts taken directly from the production line. The case still bears the scars of the milling process, and the dial–though sandblasted–is otherwise in its raw, unfinished state. The indices lack the SuperLuminova that’s a staple of so many other watches on the market. Only the hands painted on the dial are slightly galvanized to add contrast.

Another interesting feature of this watch is the sapphire crystal, curved to the …read more      

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