Breitling B55 Connected Bluetooth Analog+Digital Watch

By The Breitling Source


In the wake of the B50, Breitling launches yet another in-house superquartz movement dubbed the B55 Connected. Breitling is reusing Caliber names again so this will probably confuse vintage collectors a little bit, but its different enough that no one should be confused once they see it. A bluetooth enabled watch that lets you connect to your iPhone (not sure about other platforms) to your watch and check everything from battery levels to set the time. While this is pretty amazing, I hope they iron out all the bugs before they release it, unlike the B50, otherwise they will have many disappointed owners.

The movie and images seem to focus more on the look of the App on the iPhone than the watch itself so its hard to get a feel for what the watch is going to look like. The only thing for certain is the Ana-Digi display, magnetic connector, and the blue Wireless Connected logo on the dial, which I personally could do without.. its a bit too “front and center” for me. I would make it a bit smaller, no larger than the Breitling Logo. Take a look at the video below:

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