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By (Mitch Greenblatt)


Top Watch Conversation Starters

Find one that speaks your language

Seduce your date, liven up a lame happy hour or even redeem yourself after a faux pas: Express your personality with a watch that demands to be noticed or that begs the question, ‘What’s up with that veritable gallery of kinetic sculpture strapped to your arm?’
Watches tell us so much more than just the time. From inspired designs and mystifying displays to unique materials and complex movements, our selection offers endless ways to spark up a conversation about what’s on your wrist.
Qlocktwo W Rose Gold (Time In Words)
The Bradley Classic Black Mesh (Ball Bearing Time Display)
Orologio04 1.1
Nava Ora Unica (Squiggle Hands)
M-Theory Time & Space Moonlight (Zero Gravity Floating Hands)
Devon Tread 1 Time Belt
CT Corsa Bullhead Chronograph (Stopwatch Style)
Projects Past Present Future Watch
Xeric XS3020MeshFull1
Xeric Xeriscope Orbiting Automatic Halo Hand Watch
Projects Twirler Black Steel (Time at an angle)
ZIIIRO Mercury silveroceanfull
Ziiiro Mercury Chrome Ocean (Swirls of Color Time)
MrJones AccurateNewfront
Mr. Jones The Accurate (Remember You Will Die) Memento Mori Watch
SLOW 24 Hour One Hand Watch

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